Bet 10 Get 30 offers to bet on Softball

Softball may be a less popular sport with fewer fans compared to the household names such as soccer and golf; however, the betting market has shown considerable growth in this sector. Softball is a variant of baseball that has withstood the test of time to become one of the professional sports with international competitive events and reputed tournaments.

With softball betting taking shape in various countries across the globe, betting markets and the number of events have been constantly increasing. This is a sign that the sport is gradually picking up and getting the much-needed attention from the giant Sportsbooks.

Understanding softball

If you’re new to softball, it only makes sense to first understand the rules of the game before getting started with betting. While the fundamentals of softball are similar to those of baseball, there are a few differences between the two. Fielding strategy and batting are closely related but softball is played on a smaller area and the game is only 7 innings long.

One of the technical differences between the two games is that; softball is delivered with an under-hand motion while baseball is pitched in a sidearm or overhand motion. Also, the runner must keep contact with the base in softball until the pitcher releases the ball on delivery to the batter; which isn’t the case in baseball.

Betting on softball

Some of the big names in the sports betting industry have introduced a number of softball markets to encourage bettors by increasing their betting preferences and winning chances. Free bets and promotions such as the bet 10 get 30 are also boosting softball betting in the competitive market.

A number of sportsbooks such as BWIN, William Hill, and Bet 365, etc. are giving bettors exclusive offers where they can redeem their winning chances at a free or throwaway price. The bet 10 get 30, for example; guarantees the bettor up to £30 in free bet tokens upon staking on a softball market with £ 10. This not only boosts your bankroll but also give you a chance to maximize your free stake with the competitive odds.

Softball markets

There is a number of softball markets that promises lucrative winnings and thrilling betting experiences. Apart from the outright market, there are the live betting features which give you an option to place a bet depending on the occurrence of events. Some sportsbooks like the 188bet have betting markets such as Money Line, Run Line Handicap, Odd/Even and the Total Runs markets.

Choosing the best softball betting firm can be a daunting experience but once you’ve chosen the right one; your betting experience will be nothing short of spectacular. While making a choice from the flooded market; it’s important to consider factors such as the reputation of the firm, security, offers and promotions, payment options and customer service.


When it comes to softball betting promotions and offers, the bet 10 get 30 seems to be quite popular. This doesn’t, however, mean that there are no better promotional deals out there. It is also important to consider other factors apart from the betting offers to make sure your betting experience isn’t compromised at the expense of some short-term marketing deals.