Rebellion Player Appearances

Want a Player(s) Appearance?

The Rebellion players/coaches want to make your next event extra special! Rebellion players/ coaches are available for festivals, school events, parades, parties and much more!

An appearance from the Rebellion players/coaches typically lasts one hour and depending on time and distance, a fee may be required. To schedule an appearance, please follow these steps:

  • Complete an appearance request form and return it to the front office at least four weeks prior to the date of your event
  • Submitting a form does not guarantee an appearance by the Rebellion. A Rebellion staff member will contact you upon receipt of the form
  • All appearances are considered but are subject to the discretion of the Rebellion softball staff

Please e-mail your completed appearance request form to, fax a form to 724-250-7851 or send an application via regular mail to the following address:

CONSOL Energy Park

ATTN: Player/Mascot Appearance

One Washington Federal Way

Washington, PA 15301